New web sight for events

Click on this web sight, go to the Wyandot County Historical Society, click on the blue part (Names the buildings serviced by the Historic Society) and see the events list for this year.

  • Favorite our schedules on the community calendar so that you stay up to date on all of our upcoming events. You’ll get notifications every time we add a new event so that you never miss again!

We can’t wait to see you at our next event. Find our schedules here:

  • Our events are now on the Wyandot County Community Calendar! Make sure to use the link below to check out our schedules and add them to your favorites. When you favorite us, you’ll get notifications every week about our upcoming events, plus get notified every time we add a new event!

Don’t miss out on any of our events again! Check it out:

  • Have you added our schedules to your favorites yet? Do it today!

Not only will you get weekly updates about all the fun things we have going on, but you’ll get notified every time we have a new event coming up, too! 

Hit that favorite button today and never miss an event again! Find our schedules here:

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